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In the leaflet No. 4, Nós somos a SPA (We are the Portuguese Society of Authors), 1992


Rui Duarte Botelho Moreira Braga
Born in Lisbon, on the 16th April

1966 While adolescent initiates his early studies of drawing with the painter Miguel Arruda.

1972 Follows a course of free drawing with the sculptor Hélder Baptista as preparation for entering the Course of Painting at the Escola Superior de Belas Artes de Lisboa, ESBAL (Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon)..

1978 Joins the Department of Painting at the ESBAL, transferring afterwards to the Department of Architecture..

1978 Graduates in Architecture with the final classification of Good. Receives a grant from the Gulbenkian Foundation. Member of the Sociedade Nacional de Belas Artes, SNBA (National Society of Fine Arts), of the Associação dos Arquitetos Portugueses, AAP (Association of the Portuguese Architects) – later on called Ordem dos Arquitetos – holding No. 1168 of this Association and also member of the União Internacional dos Arquitetos, UIA (International Union of Architects). Develops his activity as painter and architect, specializing in this area in residential projects and collective facilities – auditoriums, theaters and churches.


1986 Resumes his activity in the area of painting. Participates in the collective painting exhibition Salão Convívio, at the SNBA.

Takes part in the collective painting exhibition Prémio Malhoa, at the SNBA. Accepted as beneficiary by the Sociedade Portuguesa de Autores, SPA (Portuguese Society of Authors).

Produces several pictorial works on the historical and architectural  heritage, being their multiples publicised by the Instituto Português do Património ArquitetónicoIPPAR (Portuguese Institute of Architectural Heritage) and by the Instituto Português dos Museus, IPM (Portuguese Institute of Museums).

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Creates the paintings commissioned by the golf resorts Aldeia do Golfe and Golférias in Vilamoura and also by Cortal, S.A., Interdarte, Lda.,Sofinloc Sa., by the restaurant Páginas Tantas (Bairro Alto) and by several private collections.

Stays in England for the execution of an order by LLOYD’S OF LONDON (edition of silk screen printing at the studio of António Inverno).

1990  Commission from the CORREIOS DE PORTUGAL (Portuguese Postal Service) for the painting of the 5 commemorative stamps concerning the “Centenary of Rossio Railway Station”.

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Solo exhibition of painting at the Palácio Nacional da Pena, on the theme A Cor do Património (under the sponsorship of the Instituto Português do Património Cultural, Interdarte, Lda., Sofinloc, Sa., Companhia de Seguros Fidelidade and Enatur – Empresa Nacional de Turismo EP).

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Solo exhibition of painting at the Galeria de Arte dos CTT , Fórum Picoas, under the title Estação Central.

Commission from the CP – Caminhos de Ferro Portugueses (Portuguese Railways) for the edition of the silk screen printings made at the studio of António Inverno and the acquisition of the original paintings concerning the railway engines and Rossio Railway Station, included in the commemorative stamp edition on the “Centenary of the Central Railway Station”.

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Commissions from the Municipality of Lisbon, the Municipality of Sintra and the Municipality of Serpa for multiples of pictorial works done on the historical and architectural heritage of these cities.

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1991  Commission from the Portuguese Society of Authors for a canvas with the integration of its head office in the urban environment.

1992  Represented by the Tsukushi Art Gallery in Tokyo, exports to Japan originals and exclusive silk screen prints.

1993 Commission from the Municipality of Seixal for pictorial works and the execution of multiples to be publicised in the Cultural Forum and at the Tourism Office.


Allows the Laboratório Nacional de Engenharia Civil the copyright use of reproductions of his paintings on Lisbon in the covers of the 3 leaflets concerning the international congress EUROCK 93.

1994 The Municipality of Elvas orders some paintings on the survey of the most significant historical/architectural heritage and its reproduction in multiples for publicising purposes in the Tourism Office.

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1995  Retrospective painting exhibition at the Galeria de Arte do Alvito. Commission from the Alvito Municipality and the Pousada do Castelo do Alvito for multiples publicising the historical/architectural heritage of the municipality.

Participates in the Ibero-American Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture, organized by the Portuguese Society of Authors, which acquires some of his original paintings and offers to each international delegation an author’s  silk screen print.


1997  Exports to Japan some reproductions of paintings on the Alentejo, ordered by Mitsubishi Corporation, Nagoya delegation.

1998  Solo painting exhibition at Fórum Picoas under the title Atelier Aberto, where is shown the course of the acrylic painting techniques.


“Intimidades Palacianas”

2004  Commission for a Sacred Art panel painting (triptych measuring 3.60×1.80m), mixed technique, for the the church of Serra in the diocese of Santarém.

2005  Sacred Art painting As bodas de Canaan, measuring 1.80x20m (mixed technique), by order of the Parish S. Vicente de Paulo, Bairro da Serafina, Lisbon.

2006/8  Preparing the thematic exhibition Casablanca, based on the homonymous film directed by Michael Curtiz (1942).

“Play it again Sam”




2011/19  Dedicates entirely to painting, and participates, on a regular basis, in collective exhibitions held by the National Society of Fine Arts, in Lisbon.

Reproductions of the original paintings, mostly of those depicting Portuguese monuments and heritage, can be purchased at institutional and reference stores:

  • Direção Geral do Património Cultural (Mosteiro dos Jerónimos and Torre de Belém)
  • Parques de Sintra – Monte da Lua SA (Palácios Nacionais de Sintra)
  • Lismarketing (Lisbonshop and Lisbon Story Center) – Turismo de Lisboa
  • Câmara Municipal de Sintra – Posto de Turismo Cabo da Roca
  • Turismo de Sintra (Vila)
  • Cascais Visitor Center – Turismo de Cascais
  • Livraria da Fundação de Serralves
  • Fundação Museu Nacional Ferroviário
  • Museu Berardo store – Centro Cultural de Belém
  • “Portugal Essential” stores
  • “Bairro Arte” stores

“Casa de Serralves”

On several occasions, reproductions of the original paintings were selected as gifts in congresses, events and incentives trips:

  • Portuguese Medical Association
  • MSC- Mediterranean Shipping Company Annual Meeting
  • Rotary International Convention, in Lisbon
  • Círculo de Leitores
  • National Civil Engineering Research Laboratory


Participates in the “PaperGift” show, at the International Lisbon Fair (FIL), with a dedicated booth, showing original paintings and paper reproductions (lithographs and serigraphs).

DB25A “Farol Museu de S.ta Marta / Cascais” 80x120cm acrylic


Registers the brand “Portugal Heritage Prints”, creating an online store to sell paper reproductions of the paintings, and joining the Tourism Association of Lisbon (ATL).

LOGOPHP20210516 copy

2020 – Has an epiphany that inspired the absorption of nature and daily life compositions, decomposing and recreating the elements, producing a line of figurative abstract art,  marked by chromatic exploration.

DBA.06_07_08 THE GREAT PARADE_site“The Great Parade” – tríptych with 3,00×1,00m.
(inspired by the veins and texture of a rock)


Prepares an individual exhibition at the Modern Art Gallery of Museu da Luz.

Invited by Editora Moderna of São Paulo, Brazil, to include two works from the “Act of the Barge of Hell” series in the middle school textbook “Identidade em Ação – Língua Portuguesa”, written by Thelma Carvalho Guimarães and commissioned by the Cultural Ministry of Brazil.


2021  – Exhibition at the Modern Art Gallery of Museu da Luz “ALQUEVA – a Arte da Terra”, sponsored by EDIA and Museu da Luz.

Cartaz da “Arte da Terra” em 2021

“Rua Direita / Monsaraz” – acrylic 0,90×0,60m


In love with Alentejo, where the artist spends long periods, Duarte Botelho paints themes related with Alentejo’s historical and architectural heritage.

2022 – Continues painting Alentejo themes, and prepares exhibition “A Cor do Património”, scheduled for Museu da Luz, between November 18, 2022 and January 29, 2023, and is sponsored by EDIA and Museu da Luz.

Poster of “A Cor do Património” in 2022″


2023 – Participation with dedicated booth at DECORHOTEL – Lisbon International Fair, October 26-28. Prepares solo painting exhibition “My Way – 50 years of painting” to be displayed at the art gallery of Santiago’s Church, in Monsaraz, with the support of Reguengos de Monsaraz Municipality (May to June of 2024).

Cartaz “Sé Catedral de Évora” – 60x90cm acrylic